Gonna play catch up

Shannon has one, Paige has one, Javier has one (sort of), so it was either this or a MySpace page.   I’ll try to keep it up, but I’m not optimistic.  We’ll see.  If you’re reading this, you got the link in the e-mail, so look here for any new pictures or videos.


3 Responses to “Gonna play catch up”

  1. Pelee Says:

    So I know where Shannon’s is, I know where Paige’s is. Where the heck is Javier’s?

    And if you’re judging by posting frequency of your sisters’ blogs, then the pressure’s off. Way off.

  2. Alan Says:

    I have to search for Javier’s blog…he posts all his artwork on it. I’m gong to post it here as a link anyway, as well as yours and shannon’s. This is kinda fun.

  3. Javier Says:

    I guess I need to start updating my page again! Thanks for the link by the way!

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