Iron Man Movie Review

I haven’t seen it…in fact, the only movie I’ve seen in about 8 months (in a theater, that is) was about 2/3rds of the movie “21” with Kevin Spacey, when I was supposed to be chaperoning Lennon, his friend Waymon, and two chicks on a date to see “College Road Trip.”

Because I can’t really make the time for movies, though, I generally decide whether the movie is any good and thus worth the time to set aside (usually between 9 and 11 pm during the week) once the movie is out on DVD or OnDemand, and it ultimately gives me something to look forward to. So the question here is “Should I look forward to seeing Iron Man on DVD”

First, I like Robert Downey, but for some reason don’t like any of his movies except for “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” which I only like because it falls in that Pulpy Fiction Snatchy Two Guns and a Smoking Barrelly sort of film. I know he’s supposed to be a great actor and everything, but I’m not all that interested. Ordinarily I would think that his snarky way would translate well into a superhero movie, but my recollection of Iron Man (who I was a big fan of when I read comics, and especially when he was a member of The Avengers, and especially around issues 99 – 100 – 101 – Let Slip the Dogs of War) was that he was an extremely screwed up guy and an alcoholic. I can appreciate the update, but the Avengers were a bunch of dark and messed up people. So I don’t know if the character, retooled in Robert Downey’s image is going to be all that appealing. But everyone else says it works great, so I’m going to say that in that regard, I can probably just wait to see what all the fuss is about.
The special effects are supposed to be great, as well, but I’m far less impressed by special effects than I’m supposed to be. Call it retro, but I still don’t think that computer animation, awesome though it is, holds a candle to really well done stop motion animation, modeling, and the other special effects I grew up with. Compare “Star Wars” with “Revenge of the Sith” (if you’re so inclined).
So that really leaves the popcorn entertainment appeal, which is what would draw me to this movie if I could make it to the theater. Loud explosions, jet planes, superheros, etc. Unfortunately, the issue is DVDs and OnDemand, and the Summer Blockbuster just doesn’t translate as well on the small screen, so that is a wash.
Ultimately, I think its a movie I can do without, and eventually it will roll around on HBO or Starz, so I’ll probably wait for that. Maybe I’ll rent it, but it could very easily sit around on top of the DVD player until I get the “friendly reminder” from Blockbuster that the thing is two days overdue.


One Response to “Iron Man Movie Review”

  1. Pelee Says:

    FWIW, Mom and Dad liked it. A lot. And they were only humoring The Boy by going in the first place.

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