We’re Old…

Shannon wrote:
“Radiohead? Really? I thought loving them made me hip. I guess it makes me old.”
The actual question is even more severe –
“Dad needs help downloading “In Rainbows”, but he always said this Thom Yorke band was ahead of its time” (emphasis mine).


3 Responses to “We’re Old…”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Here’s one other gauge of oncoming geriatricity – when downloading a song, how long do you sit and think about whether to get the “clean” or the “explicit” version?

  2. aljamieson Says:

    HAh…I have to feign outrage at cuss words if we happen to hear them on TV or the radio in the car (which happens far more often than I used to think).

  3. Pelee Says:

    I’m cold and I don’t know what time it is. Make me some tea. Make me some tea?

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