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A couple of Thompsons just hanging out

June 29, 2008


Hide Tic Tac Toe

June 27, 2008

Someone refresh my memory…what were the rules?

Roy Jones Jr. update

June 27, 2008

Jones confirms Calzaghe clash
by Mark Doyle, 27 June 2008

Roy Jones Jr. has revealed that his proposed bout with Joe Calzaghe is likely to go ahead on September 20.

Two-weight world champion Calzaghe has made no secret of the fact that he hopes to bring the curtain down on his illustrious career with a mouthwatering clash with Jones and, according to the American, the deal is all but done.

“Calzaghe and I are going to be fighting this fall,” Jones declared.

“They are holding September 20 or November 15 for us, but right now it’s looking like September 20.”

Calzaghe unified the super-middleweight division with a thrilling points win over Mikkel Kessler last November before stepping up to light-heavyweight and defeating arguably the division’s number one in Bernard Hopkins earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Jones Jr., who was once consider the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, has gotten his career back on track with three successive victories, the most notable of which being his points win over Felix Trinidad in January

More ToeJam

June 27, 2008

Re: Backless comments. My reply. Yeah, “promises” is what it is (which is to say not much). However, Dylan’s overrated. I give him a 7.

Re: Catholics are weird. My reply: You don’t know that half of it. And Javier’s jewish. It’s a long story.

Re: Ishmael and Ahmed. It’s only 8 to Kuwait, dude.

ToeJam is right

June 27, 2008

The distribution of “We” in the previous Vinn diagram (goo goo ga joob) was incorrect. It has been taken out of the archives as a result. Replaced with this one….
song chart memes

For Javier

June 22, 2008

We had a discussion a decade ago about how your drawings and paintings have a very macabre catholic sensibility. Along those lines, thought you might like this, The Cadaver Synod, by Jean-Paul Laurens.

Cool Page

June 22, 2008

Photographer Ari Versluis’s and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek’s “Exactitudes” Very cool page to surf from. People watching as art…

Some help for Shannon and Paige

June 20, 2008

song chart memes

Any thoughts?

June 20, 2008

What is your experience with imaginary friends??? Gabrielle has a few of them: Harry, Ursula, and Janie.

What’s the deal??

BTQ: Could McCain Do This?

June 18, 2008

A very cool 360 of the Obama rally in Detroit.

This is very cool

June 17, 2008

Make sure to check out the slideshow.

Zaragoza Festival Digital Water Pavillion

Clapton and August

June 15, 2008

ToeJam wrote: Did you add “August” too?

…in reference to adding “Backless” to the I-Pod.

Backless has “Tulsa Time” on it, which I’ve played a couple times to make the move more palatable to Lennon, by emphasizing it’s a place worth singing about (making the obvious logical leap that if you can write songs about it, it must be a great place to live). I got to liking some of the other songs, as well. A couple showed up on the Just One Night album, a couple of radio hits.

Very laid back and countryish, without much pretension and some good guitar.

August, on the other hand, belongs squarely within the category of 80’s Rock, most of which sucked. A comparison of the two cannot be made…

Gnarles Barkley

June 15, 2008

The posts have a category of their own on the right under categories. This way they can be more easily accessed if anyone wants to keep posting on them. I’m still working out the answers to the questions, and ToeJam has added new fuel.

Sunday Morning at the Jamieson’s

June 15, 2008

It’s not a tie…

June 15, 2008

Question from Paige

June 15, 2008

On Shannon’s blog, Paige asked: “Hey, Al, doesn’t Gaby know that “shut up” is the s-word? I guess that doesn’t work with an almost-teenager in the house.”

No, Gabrielle actually already knows the s-word. couple others too…but she is very careful. Now, when she says stuff, she’ll ask if it’s a bad word. She thought that something was stupid the other day, called it stupid, and then asked me if stupid is a bad word. I told her it was, and she said she won’t say it again. If I say it’s not a bad word, she says “good.”

Clarifying a distinction

June 15, 2008

Again Schweitzer, from the same book:

“Some artists are subjective, some objective. The art of the former has its source in their personality; their work is almost independent of the epoch in which they live. A law unto themselves, they place themselves in opposition to their epoch and originate new forms for the expression of their ideas.”

I’d throw Zeppelin, Coltrane, Nirvana, Public Enemy, and some others, into this category.

Another GraphJam

June 15, 2008

song chart memes

ToeJam weighs in

June 15, 2008

toejam Says:

Hey, if we’re just voting for our favorite bands, then I vote for the Dead. And I can make a case for it, too.
Paige, it depends on how much time you want the music to be symbolic for. Those are the rules.

Yo dooood. You’re in my base.

If we’re looking at Bach, he covers the baroque period (generally thought to end when he died), but worked with music that came before him. With Ellington, he took the jazz and dance music of the time and worked it all out. Miles did it with BeBop, free jazz, fusion, and pop music. Hendrix with soul music, blues, funk, and rock music. Prince with pop, funk, disco, and soul music. The Dead with country, jazz, bluegrass, and rock. I don’t think the time period of the music drawn from applies, because the musician should pull the music into the present and thrust it a little bit forward.

Bach, Beck, and Barkley

June 12, 2008

My nominations are Philip Glass and Wynton Marsalis.


What about Prince?