Welcoming Shannon to the Blogroll!!! We havent’ had a particularly exciting week, though. We went to Incredible Pizza yesterday and Gabrielle took her first go-cart ride. Lennon won the actual race, though. We came in second, in the Snickers Car, Number 11. Today I had some work in Oklahoma City, so we all went this afternoon and took a detour to the Oklahoma City Zoo. In all respects superior to the Tulsa Zoo. Plus Tulsa has a separate Aquarium; in OKC they’re both in one place, as well as an OmniMax theater. The ride home, however, was excrutiating, with Gabrielle having one of her fits over a pair of flip flops (which is a very special form of torture) and Thompson investing himself thoroughly into the drama. Lennon, after about 20 minutes, broke from the pressure as well. In about a two hour drive, this lasted about twenty minutes, but twenty was all it took.

Unfortunately, we have no pictures, as our camera’s batteries went dead and we didn’t bother replacing them, opting instead to stop for a grande Pike’s Place coffee and a tall skinny decaf vanilla latte.

We do have some new pictures of Thompson coming though, with his new Exersaucer and Johnny Jump-Up.


2 Responses to “Kewl”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Can you change your blogroll link, though? It says dot org instead of dot com so it isn’t working. Wouldn’t want those millions of hits to be misdirected. 🙂 And I feel for you on that twenty minute fit – we’ve been there for sure and it suuuuuuucks. Looking forward to the new pics.

  2. pelee Says:

    I still remember a trip home from IOP with Shannon when she was still a good 5 or 7 years from having her own kids. Drew was wailing in the back seat and I was cringing every minute knowing Shan had to put up with that. So cheer up, at least it was just your nuclear family!

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