Barack Obama: Calm In The Swirl of History

I’m happy with this result, but mostly because I don’t have to hear another round of boomers rehashing the Vietnam War. I was only 6, for crying out loud….I was, early on, envisioning a Clinton/McCain race that was ultimately going to be cast as A Vietnam Hero vs. A 60’s radical. Ugh. Heck, they even tried to tar Obama with ties to the Weather Underground.

Another funny thing to me is that commentators can’t even begin to understand his candidacy at all without reference to Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, the civil rights movement, the ’68 Convention, etc., etc. There is no sense that this is very much the moment when, to quote John Kennedy, the torch has passed to a new generation of Americans.


One Response to “Okay”

  1. pelee Says:

    If there was a torch passed, perhaps it was when John Edwards dropped out. 🙂

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