Bach, Beck, and Barkley

My nominations are Philip Glass and Wynton Marsalis.


What about Prince?


5 Responses to “Bach, Beck, and Barkley”

  1. pelee Says:

    Hm. I don’t have any objectivity where Prince is concerned, although I think I could make a case for it. How long would someone have to be relevant to qualify?

  2. toejam Says:

    Hey, if we’re just voting for our favorite bands, then I vote for the Dead. And I can make a case for it, too.

  3. toejam Says:

    Yeah, Philip Glass

  4. toejam Says:

    Paige, it depends on how much time you want the music to be symbolic for. Those are the rules.

  5. pelee Says:

    I have to wonder if Glass counts, mainly because I don’t think a lot of people know when they are hearing him.

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