Clapton and August

ToeJam wrote: Did you add “August” too?

…in reference to adding “Backless” to the I-Pod.

Backless has “Tulsa Time” on it, which I’ve played a couple times to make the move more palatable to Lennon, by emphasizing it’s a place worth singing about (making the obvious logical leap that if you can write songs about it, it must be a great place to live). I got to liking some of the other songs, as well. A couple showed up on the Just One Night album, a couple of radio hits.

Very laid back and countryish, without much pretension and some good guitar.

August, on the other hand, belongs squarely within the category of 80’s Rock, most of which sucked. A comparison of the two cannot be made…


9 Responses to “Clapton and August”

  1. Shannon Says:

    It’s in the way that you use it… la la la. Just can’t get that tune out of my head. 🙂 I will only meekly defend 80s rock with mentions of a few bands like U2, REM and the Replacements. I have many guilty pleasures from the 80s also, but I won’t talk about them for fear of being flamed by ToeJam.

  2. toejam Says:

    Shannon–funny, Jill can’t get enough of Steve West on Radio Nigel (iTunes radio) these days, so I’m being force-fed a steady diet of New Order, Duran Duran, and the Smiths here lately. My favorite is Eddy Grant. That dude was keepin it real.

    Sorry I can’t get with the 80’s…but I understand guilty pleasures. Here, I’ll make myself a target: iTunes library includes “Sunny,” “Brandy,” and assorted Carpenters, Fifth Dimension, and Abba tunes. Different decade-you know, the music your big brother blah blah blah

  3. toejam Says:


    Cmon. “Backless” was, well, backless.
    Especially compared to him Just a few years earlier, when he had been laying down the thickest jams known to mankind.
    Refer to: Derek and the Dominoes Live at the Fillmore East

  4. toejam Says:

    congrats on having the cheapest gas in the nation. $3.75? Does it help to be nearer the oil fields?

  5. toejam Says:

    Dude. “Promises?”

  6. toejam Says:

    Just kidding, but it is a point of view I’ve had in the past. Really, I haven’t listened to the album in 20+ years. Still hear “Promises,” though. Can’t get away from that.

  7. toejam Says:

    How about that Phil Collins though?

    Hey this is a lot like Hide Tic Tac Toe

  8. toejam Says:

    A little more research and I would like to specifically except any Dylan tunes from previous criticism.

  9. Shannon Says:

    OK, guilty pleasures then…. Abba is also one of mine, but honestly I don’t even feel guilty about them anymore. Reference: Mamma Mia. Everyone loves them, even Meryl Streep. Love the Carpenters, love “Brandy”. We ARE related!

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