Question from Paige

On Shannon’s blog, Paige asked: “Hey, Al, doesn’t Gaby know that “shut up” is the s-word? I guess that doesn’t work with an almost-teenager in the house.”

No, Gabrielle actually already knows the s-word. couple others too…but she is very careful. Now, when she says stuff, she’ll ask if it’s a bad word. She thought that something was stupid the other day, called it stupid, and then asked me if stupid is a bad word. I told her it was, and she said she won’t say it again. If I say it’s not a bad word, she says “good.”


7 Responses to “Question from Paige”

  1. pelee Says:

    Actually, when I said that, I was thinking of the story you promised to tell about her learning those two from Lennon. That story cracks me up.

  2. pelee Says:

    Oops. Hey, delete that last comment if I shouldn’t have included Lennon in it.

  3. aljamieson Says:

    One day Lennon and Gabrielle were out playing. Gabrielle came in real excited and told us that she can say “F* and D*” We weren’t sure we heard her right, so we asked her again, and she repeated it a couple of times. Lennon was standing about 5 feet behind her, terrified, and starting to cry. When quizzed, she let us know that she learned it from Lennon. Crazy as it was, it was his first lesson in how not to be a big brother.

    It took us about a week before we were sure she knew she couldn’t say those words. Since then she’s learned S* and B***h (from Norbit).

    I think she knows how to say “What the H*” too, from SpiderMan 3.

  4. aljamieson Says:

    They grow up so fast

  5. toejam Says:

    This S*** is hilarious

  6. Shannon Says:

    That’s f***ing funny.

    So far, Molly’s only gone as far as “b*tt”. Which is almost unavoidable, since most of the kids at her daycare, as well as many family members, don’t consider it bad. I guess as long as you’re only using it to refer to the body part, it’s okay? Right? Right? :S

  7. aljamieson Says:

    Oh man, b*tt gets thrown around here so much that it goes unnoticed. I’ll post it, but Gabrielle’s favorite fun thing is

    Her: “Daddy, guess what?”
    Me: “What?”
    Her: “Chicken Butt!!”
    Me: “Five cents a cup”
    Her: “Make you throw up!!”

    She’s adapted it to include dog, pig, and turkey butts, as well as a knock knock joke where instead of saying “guess what”, she says knock knock, and “chicken” is there. Chicken who, you ask….?

    Sometimes she’ll come running down the stairs, naked, after her bath, run up to you, turn around, bend over, give a raspberry, and yell “Fartin’ Baby!!!”

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