Sunday Morning at the Jamieson’s


10 Responses to “Sunday Morning at the Jamieson’s”

  1. pelee Says:


  2. aljamieson Says:

    We’re not sure what that means…

  3. toejam Says:

    killer picture

  4. toejam Says:

    Seventeen guesses as to what Paige is referring to

  5. pelee Says:

    I just still remember playing ball with her at about 11:00 p.m. the night before we all left IOP. Every toss of the ball was counted, but for some reason she began starting with 17. The bright-eyed expression reminded me of it.

    Not that anyone but the doting aunt would recall it. I’ll try to keep my nostalgia to myself going forward. 😉

  6. aljamieson Says:

    No, don’t do that!! you’re nostalgia are good stories to tell Gabrielle. She liked this one.

  7. Shannon Says:

    Funny story. I remember it now that pelee mentioned it. Great picture, too. I am loving Thompson’s expressions. I love both kids’ expressions of course, but there’s something about that wide-eyed infant look.

  8. Nana and JJ Says:

    Wiah I could be there for this special Sunday Morning. Boy, does Gabrielle look like Ann in this picture! Even the coy pose. You must get her into modeling is my guess. What is Thompson thinking?

  9. Donna Says:

    Love the picture! She does look like Ann 🙂

    Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer!
    (I just got that stuck in your head, didn’t I?)


  10. toejam Says:

    Suggested caption:

    “Thompy and Gabrielle are always amused when Dad pours his morning beer.”

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