ToeJam weighs in

toejam Says:

Hey, if we’re just voting for our favorite bands, then I vote for the Dead. And I can make a case for it, too.
Paige, it depends on how much time you want the music to be symbolic for. Those are the rules.

Yo dooood. You’re in my base.

If we’re looking at Bach, he covers the baroque period (generally thought to end when he died), but worked with music that came before him. With Ellington, he took the jazz and dance music of the time and worked it all out. Miles did it with BeBop, free jazz, fusion, and pop music. Hendrix with soul music, blues, funk, and rock music. Prince with pop, funk, disco, and soul music. The Dead with country, jazz, bluegrass, and rock. I don’t think the time period of the music drawn from applies, because the musician should pull the music into the present and thrust it a little bit forward.


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