For Javier

We had a discussion a decade ago about how your drawings and paintings have a very macabre catholic sensibility. Along those lines, thought you might like this, The Cadaver Synod, by Jean-Paul Laurens.


5 Responses to “For Javier”

  1. toejam Says:

    Nice phrase – macabre catholic sensibility.
    Also refer to: Hieronymus Bosch

  2. toejam Says:

    Just read the Wiki entry. Catholics are weird.

    Really like the part where he was found guilty. Y’think? What, were they going to let him off scot-free? And how about that Charles [the Bald]? What a card!

  3. toejam Says:

    sorry Javier. I couldn’t help myself

  4. pelee Says:

    All right, who gave toejam the keys to the comments?

  5. Javier Says:

    I feel a new painting coming!!!

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