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Yo Toe (jam)

July 31, 2008

That’s a trip about Money and Cigarettes, but it’s in the bargain bin of my CD collection. I’m waiting for Sirius/XM to crank up an all Eric Clapton channel so that I can just listen at leisure without having to scroll through what I have, or make agonizing purchasing decisions re: Clapton. Worse of all, having to download a copy of “Don’t Thinktwice, I’ts Alright” by Eric Clampton off of Limewire.

Dylan, yeah, I think he’s overrated. I think his stuff is great, don’t get me wrong, and his first few albums are awesome, but I don’t think they merit a mythological reputation. On the other hand, I’m a dyed in the wool blues fan, so songwriting is not really the most aesthetically pleasing thing to me. I’m a much bigger fan of instrumental virtuosos, so I guess that’s where my disconnect with the Dylan thing comes from. Probably the same reason I don’t listen to the Beatles that much either.

As far as Prince, I wish I could turn you on to some of his stuff the same way you want me to be converted by “In My Time of Dyin.” To this day I can listen to some Prince stuff and get that strange head rush/goose bumps thing that happens from time to time.

Cotto v. Margarito??? I don’t think I’ve missed a broadcast fight in 6 years, thanks to the magic of TiVo. I wish you had asked me before, because I had picked Margarito to win, unlike many others, but there’s no way to prove it now. That kind of fight is the reason I love boxing, and blow $400+ dollars a year on pay per views. Dad and I watched Manny Pacquiao fight a few weeks ago, and that was one of the most spectacular displays of boxing I’ve seen in a long time. There are rumblings that DeLaHoya is going to fight his last fight in December against either Pacquiao, Margarito, or Cotto, and in each case DLH gets beaten up in an ugly way. It’s a shame MMA gets the press, cause I’ve watched these guys hump each other for 15 minutes while they throw punches that Bud Schulberg would call “unartistic,” and it seems like a pretend sort of violence to me. Cotto/Margarito was brutal and beautiful at the same time. My heart was racing the entire fight. Love it love it love it. Keep your eyes open for Roy Jones to stand astride the Pound for Pound rankings come November, by the way. Watch this blog for updates.

To end up, I can’t account for Clapton’s career, really. Sometimes I’m not even sure if I like him or not, but he’s a solid place to go when I’m not sure what I want to listen to.



July 29, 2008

It’s been absolutely crazy around here lately. You have those times when you think “what did I do to deserve all this??!!,” but with me it only takes a few minutes of meaningful reflection to answer that question. However, we find ourselves under siege lately (disgruntled former employees on the attack and Lennon’s dad threatening to take us to court over custody, again). Moving out to Oklahoma has turned into, to quote Steve Buscemi in Armageddon “a goddamn Greek tragedy.”

Not the best of times, in other words.

However, the new I-Pod is an oasis….What I’ve completely updated so far is the Willie Nelson and the Allman Brothers, and I’ve started adding some others.
The Willie Nelson Albums are:
Night and Day
The Promised Land
Revolutions of Time (a career spanning greatest hits collection, very awesome)
Shotgun Willie (another killer C&W album)
Slow Down Old World
…Sings Kris Kristofferson (with an incredible version of “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” a song that does all the work for you)

The Allman Brothers albums:
Well, you know all the Allman Brothers stuff. The classics (Fillmore, Eat a Peach, Brothers and Sisters), the 90’s catalog (Back Where it All Begins, Seven Turns, Shades of Two Worlds), and the Live Stuff (One Way Out, Peakin at the Beacon, Sweet Melissa, An Evening with, and Southroad Connection.)

I’ve also done a couple Claptons, including the controversial Backless, Journeyman, and Money and Cigarettes. I’ve got both the Layla and Live at the Fillmore albums by Derek and the Dominoes.

And, of course, Freak and Roll, by the Black Crowes.

If the weekend ever comes, I’m going to load Stevie Ray and Frank Sinatra back onto this one. Miles Davis will be up after those if I have the time. There’s a great album of his “The Complete Birth of the Cool,” which got most of the Jazz rotation from me, but I don’t know if I’m ready to purchase it on I-Tunes again.

A relevant graph jam

July 27, 2008

Gabrielle’s favorite book right now is “The Missing Piece”, by Shel Silverstein. Personally, of the Silverstein oeuvre, “The Giving Tree” unfailingly makes me cry when I read it to her. The Missing Piece, though, I don’t really get, so this particular graph actually gives me perspective I missed the first thirty times I read the book.

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School and the I-Pod

July 27, 2008

Sorry we missed everybody at the IOP this week. I was looking forward to putting faces to everyone posting comments.

Answering Shannon’s ketchin, Gabrielle is actually starting pre-K at Holy Family Cathedral, and about a year early being that she’s only 3. We got to know the principal real well at a basketball tournament in Oklahoma City earlier this year, and she said that she could slide Gabrielle in early, but she would have to go for two years before graduating to kindergarten. We thought it would be a lot better than day care, so off she goes to school….She’ll be in with a bunch of 4 year olds, though. I hope we don’t regret this…

As far as the I-Pod, we got a new one today, but it counts as my birthday present from the family. It’s actually kind of exciting, because I have to go back and decide what music I want on it again, and am getting a chance to rediscover music that I had loaded on the thing but never listened to.
In case you’re interested, I’m really into the album “Shotgun Willie,” by Willie Nelson right now, and there’s a song called “Outside Women Blues” that was done by Cream at the reunion concert which I’m diggin’ as well. When I first heard it (on Sirius – Now Sirius/XM!!!! I’m so friggin psyched about the new lineups) I was impressed how Cream 2007 sounded exactly like Cream 1969, but with a lot less dicking around on the guitar.

I had forgotten though, how much bootleg Prince stuff that I had…I’m afraid I’ll never get any of that back. Plus, I lost all the I-Tunes purchases I made.

Back again

July 26, 2008

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve updated. There’s been issues at work, cancelled vacations plans, Lennon’s come back home, and finally, I accidentally fried the I-Pod while trying to recharge it. So we’re slowly trying to normalize things again, especially with school coming up in a couple weeks. Speaking of which, here’s a picture of Gabrielle in her school uniform and another of Gabrielle and Thompson chillin…. More to come, especially as the new I-Pod gets loaded up.

July 10, 2008

Kids Playing In Water 101

July 4, 2008

Weekend with the Thompsons

July 4, 2008

As it turned out, it was not quite what anybody expected. A few pictures of the weekend can be seen here, or click on the Weekend With The Thompson’s link at the right of the page.

More guidance for whipping it

July 4, 2008

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