School and the I-Pod

Sorry we missed everybody at the IOP this week. I was looking forward to putting faces to everyone posting comments.

Answering Shannon’s ketchin, Gabrielle is actually starting pre-K at Holy Family Cathedral, and about a year early being that she’s only 3. We got to know the principal real well at a basketball tournament in Oklahoma City earlier this year, and she said that she could slide Gabrielle in early, but she would have to go for two years before graduating to kindergarten. We thought it would be a lot better than day care, so off she goes to school….She’ll be in with a bunch of 4 year olds, though. I hope we don’t regret this…

As far as the I-Pod, we got a new one today, but it counts as my birthday present from the family. It’s actually kind of exciting, because I have to go back and decide what music I want on it again, and am getting a chance to rediscover music that I had loaded on the thing but never listened to.
In case you’re interested, I’m really into the album “Shotgun Willie,” by Willie Nelson right now, and there’s a song called “Outside Women Blues” that was done by Cream at the reunion concert which I’m diggin’ as well. When I first heard it (on Sirius – Now Sirius/XM!!!! I’m so friggin psyched about the new lineups) I was impressed how Cream 2007 sounded exactly like Cream 1969, but with a lot less dicking around on the guitar.

I had forgotten though, how much bootleg Prince stuff that I had…I’m afraid I’ll never get any of that back. Plus, I lost all the I-Tunes purchases I made.


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