It’s been absolutely crazy around here lately. You have those times when you think “what did I do to deserve all this??!!,” but with me it only takes a few minutes of meaningful reflection to answer that question. However, we find ourselves under siege lately (disgruntled former employees on the attack and Lennon’s dad threatening to take us to court over custody, again). Moving out to Oklahoma has turned into, to quote Steve Buscemi in Armageddon “a goddamn Greek tragedy.”

Not the best of times, in other words.

However, the new I-Pod is an oasis….What I’ve completely updated so far is the Willie Nelson and the Allman Brothers, and I’ve started adding some others.
The Willie Nelson Albums are:
Night and Day
The Promised Land
Revolutions of Time (a career spanning greatest hits collection, very awesome)
Shotgun Willie (another killer C&W album)
Slow Down Old World
…Sings Kris Kristofferson (with an incredible version of “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” a song that does all the work for you)

The Allman Brothers albums:
Well, you know all the Allman Brothers stuff. The classics (Fillmore, Eat a Peach, Brothers and Sisters), the 90’s catalog (Back Where it All Begins, Seven Turns, Shades of Two Worlds), and the Live Stuff (One Way Out, Peakin at the Beacon, Sweet Melissa, An Evening with, and Southroad Connection.)

I’ve also done a couple Claptons, including the controversial Backless, Journeyman, and Money and Cigarettes. I’ve got both the Layla and Live at the Fillmore albums by Derek and the Dominoes.

And, of course, Freak and Roll, by the Black Crowes.

If the weekend ever comes, I’m going to load Stevie Ray and Frank Sinatra back onto this one. Miles Davis will be up after those if I have the time. There’s a great album of his “The Complete Birth of the Cool,” which got most of the Jazz rotation from me, but I don’t know if I’m ready to purchase it on I-Tunes again.


One Response to “Whew…”

  1. toe Says:

    oh man. that money and cigarettes album. WA (Warren Anderson) used to wear that thing out at Orchard Trace, until I had to hide it. If there is one Clapton album that competes (and not in a good way) with The Controversial “Backless,” it would be M&C. I think I had mentally blocked it out until I saw your post, and immediately “I’ve got a rock and roll heart,” cranked right up out of the old memory bank. How about the album cover? A pensive, dressed up Eric, getting his Phil Collins on. Congrats though on your Allmans revival, your new Ipod, and the inclusion of the Dominos. Even Prince. Not my cup of tea, but he’s a straight-up badass.
    Hey, a quick reset: Were / are you serious about Dylan being “overrated”?? My goodness, you sure know how to take a stand. I guesssssss. The 20% of Americans who think Dubya’s done a good job think that take is jacked up. Consult “In My Time of Dyin’,” from his first. Please. Do it for me–I’ll await your thanks.
    And, did you see that welterweight fight this weekend?

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