More on the I-Pod

Got the Sinatra and Stevie Ray Vaughan collections loaded up. Also Added:
The Police: Ghost in the Machine
Diana Krall: Live in Paris
Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool, Bitches Brew, and Ballads
John Coltrane: Africa Brass sessions
Derek and the Dominoes: Jams I – IV.
Clapton: Crossroads 2 – Live in the Seventies
Crossroads – Disks 2 – 4 (cause I could care less about the stuff on disk 1)

From here on out the artists and music will probably be more obscure and personal, so I will post samples of the music I’m loading just to give an idea.


One Response to “More on the I-Pod”

  1. toe Says:

    Shannon gave me the full B Brew sessions (4 discs) a few years ago for christmas – do you have that? Ever see “A Different Kind of Blue,” the video of Miles at Isle of Wight?
    Crossroads disc 1: Agree, except for “Boom Boom” (don’t know why–I always liked that one), and Steppin Out, which (i think, if i remember right) is just Clapton and Ginger Baker, doin it up. Tales of Brave Ulysses has always been a kitschy favorite too, with those over-the-top psychedelic lyrics. I remember how cool I used to think they were, now they just sound funny. Strange little band they were, but man, when The Cream would get in that zone, look OUT.
    Africa Brass: Just pulled Underground Railroad off LimeWire, and have 2 versions of Africa on I tunes, one is an alternate take that wasn’t on the album. Good stuff def.
    dominoes “The Jams” don’t get played much these days because of its repetitious nature, even with Skydog wailing that slide. Probably best disc of the Layla collection, though, including the album itself.
    Crossroads 2-4 faves: “Evil” “One More Chance” “Hello Old Friend” “Let it Grow”
    Police: couldn’t get with then, so not really now either. Their songs remind me of that time, though, so I never mind hearing them, especially GITM.

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