Things I Learned From My Parents

Subtitled: Seeing Things For The First Time

Never give up on your kids. Here endeth the lesson.


5 Responses to “Things I Learned From My Parents”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I hope this means that things are settling down for you? At least somewhat calm?

  2. Dad Says:

    You mean that’s all? Surely, there must be volumes.

  3. aljamieson Says:

    Yeah, well, sometimes the lessons don’t hit me until they’re relevant. Thanks for not giving up. Speaking of lessons, though, I now wish that “don’t buy Sirius at $3.30” was one of these, but alas…

  4. Shannon Says:

    You also bought Sirius? I think I bought around the same price. I also had a bunch of XM which is now being dragged down along with it.

  5. aljamieson Says:

    Yeah, can you believe it used to be up around $70??? I have faith in the company, though. These, I think, are the stocks that will play out over 10 years instead of in the next two. I’m going to buy about another 1000 just to average my cost down some, though. Still optimistic…

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