New I-Pod Update, with songs

Newest additions:
Coltrane: Interstellar Space and Live at The Five Spot with Thelonious Monk

Lyle Lovett: Joshua Judges Ruth and Live in Texas

John Mooney: Against the Wall, All I Want, and Dealing With The Devil (hottest post-SRV guitar on the planet, and firmly in the blues tradition…)

Thelonious Monk: Live at Newport and The Columbia Years

Will post a song from these selections shortly. Also loaded Richard Johnston’s album up, but there’s a youtube clip on the blog if anyone’s interested in hearing him. He’s definitely my fave bluesman of the moment, but the guy refuses to release an album…

Lyle Lovett – She’s No Lady, from Live In Texas


One Response to “New I-Pod Update, with songs”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Hey, me too on the Lyle Lovett! I have both those, plus Lyle Lovett and His Large Band, and I Love Everybody. I debated having She’s No Lady played at some point during our wedding reception, and I’m not sure why I decided against it. Anyway, the guy’s a classic. One of those that’s great to listen to if you can’t decide what to listen to.

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