Shannon’s Birthday Gift

Thanks for the I-Tunes card. I’ve already made the first purchase:

Eric Clapton: No Reason to Cry

Just kidding. I got Night Train to Nashville, which is a live set by Tab Benoit recorded in Memphis. The clip here isn’t from that album (wordpress won’t do AAC files) but is from his album “The Sea Saint Sessions.” Nice tune…


2 Responses to “Shannon’s Birthday Gift”

  1. fourjams Says:

    Interesting birthday correlation – I saw Tab Benoit at the Double Door on my birthday, ummmm…. many moons ago. I think it was my 26th. It was right after seeing Traffic at Blockbuster Pavilion. Oh, those crazy concert-going days of my youth.

  2. aljamieson Says:

    We used to go see Tab at the Double Door two or three times a year. We almost drove to Wichita a few weeks back to see him. Easily our favorite club performer…very cajun and blues at the same time. Ann loves talking to him about Louisiana because they both lapse into this hard cajun accent, with the French and everything…always lots of fun…

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