Just a thought

Based on a comment from pelee regarding Obama’s speech tonight, Ann and I had a discussion about whether this was just politics – scripted and ordinary.

Well, everybody’s got an opinion, so I can’t say whether it is or isn’t. But I do know that my generation was brought up to be cynical about politics and politicians, even to the point of believing that such cynicism was a virtue and an intellectually superior disposition. The Obama candidacy has relieved me of that burden, and it is liberating.

Maybe I’m misguided, but given the choice of sparkling optimism or cynicism, I’m on board with choosing the optimism. For a while, at least, the cynicism isn’t necessary.

Obama 08!!!!

Watching Al Gore right now….this is awesome….


2 Responses to “Just a thought”

  1. fourjams Says:

    Scripted, unscripted, I believe most people cannot speak convincingly without believing in what they are saying. Obama has me convinced, and what he said about feeling that something is stirring… wow. Even I can set aside the cynicism for a little while…

    …except about that closing song choice. “Only In America”? Definitely true, but way too Don King. 🙂

    Truly though, I’m on board. This mama’s for Obama.

  2. pelee Says:

    I don’t think the speeches are a waste of time, I just think they are predictable. Like the two of you, I’m enthusiastic about Obama (although not about Biden) and he’s a top orator, but convention speeches just lack much substance, IMO. I don’t need the pep rally; I’m already rallied.

    I don’t recall who was there, but does anyone else remember watching the Dem Convention at Granny’s house? I’m pretty sure it was Carter, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

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