Just a few more days

With the Obama thing seeming like a shoe in, I’m excited about having a really cool president. But all that being the case, I’m really fascinated watching the GOP drama play out, although I’m tiring of the Huffpost/Keith Olberman types act like their taking the high ground. In about three weeks, Kos and all the rest are going to be crowing about how Obama was elected by the “blogosphere.”


Although I have an odd combination of respect/sympathy/revulsion for Sarah Palin now. At least she is sticking to the script…


2 Responses to “Just a few more days”

  1. fourjams Says:

    I do have some respect for Sarah Palin; some of the BS that is being thrown at her is petty and unjustified. BUT… for all she has accomplished and weathered in her own life, it seems she would be on the side of other working and struggling women, and I don’t see that as the case.

  2. pelee Says:

    I feel embarrassed for her and have from the moment she was selected. Everything from her and about her and surrounding her has seemed so undignified.

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