My thoughts exactly…

I’ve always liked reading Frank Rich’s column in the New York Times, but in this one he seemed to nail exactly my thinking on Obama’s win this week.

That lagging indicator aside, nearly every other result on Tuesday suggests that while the right wants to keep fighting the old boomer culture wars, no one else does. Three state initiatives restricting abortion failed. Bill Ayers proved a lame villain, scaring no one. Americans do not want to revisit Vietnam (including in Iraq). For all the attention paid by the news media and McCain-Palin to rancorous remembrances of things past, I sometimes wondered whether most Americans thought the Weather Underground was a reunion band and the Hanoi Hilton a chain hotel. Socialism, the evil empire and even Ronald Reagan may be half-forgotten blurs too.”


4 Responses to “My thoughts exactly…”

  1. pelee Says:

    Definitely time to bury the old ideas. (<—–NPG reference) I find it interesting that those abortion initiatives failed while the anti gay marriage initiatives succeeded and in 3 states, if I’m not mistaken.

  2. Tommy Says:

    I miss Frank Rich. I’ll need to start tuning in online. Do you read Richard Reeves? Good stuff.

    For the record, I voted for the GMA here in Fla, but I’m ok with the result (it failed), if not the reason for it (dumb rednecks). Does that make sense? Anybody weigh in

  3. Tommy Says:

    hey i meant i voted against it. whatever. you know i’m ok with “Daddy’s Roommate,” and “Heather Has Two Mommies,” right?

  4. pelee Says:

    Actually, I’d actually rather see marriage (for everyone) taken out of government. In the absence of that ideal, I think gay marriage should absolutely be allowed.

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