The First Parent Teacher Conference

With Gabrielle’s Pre-K teacher. As it stands, Gabrielle knows most of her letters and sounds, numbers, and colors, etc. Not too shabby. Everybody loves her there and all the 8th Grade girls want to be her sponsor in Church.

I had to ask several times, and for a while she wouldn’t commit one way or the other, but finally the teacher admitted that, yes, Gabrielle is the smartest person in the class. Which, of course, I already knew.


3 Responses to “The First Parent Teacher Conference”

  1. fourjams Says:

    What? Not the smartest 3-year-old SHE’S EVER KNOWN? Of course she is. We Jamiesons are like that.

  2. iopjams Says:

    We know it as the “trickle down effect.”

  3. Tommy Says:

    No surprise. Nice job, shaking down the teacher

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