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The Christmas Pageant

December 19, 2008

Jolly Old St. Nicholas and White Christmas. From the play “Scrooge”



December 17, 2008

Gabrielle finally got to ask Santa for some new dresses.


The Big One

December 17, 2008

Hey folks…heard about the quake. Did you feel any of it?

Time Magazine Religion Stories

December 15, 2008

Time Magazine recently released its top ten religion stories of 2008. Obviously, the list looks at religion from a less than neutral standpoint, giving each story importance by virtue of having some inverse relationship to the general political or social zeitgeist. A couple quotes:

“Indeed, there seemed to be such parity in piety between the two major parties that faith may have been cancelled out as a factor.”

“Benedict’s rue was far more than a gesture, but less than a promise — the Vatican has done little since to address the systemic abuses of authority that allowed the sex scandals to occur. And now, retired Cardinal Law runs a Roman basilica.”

“Meanwhile, U.S. conservatives continued to defect from the Episcopal Church.”

“The poll suggests great national piety coupled with remarkable disdain for the multi-generational doctrinal and ethnic ties that used to define American religion.”

“But this year others took up their prophetic calls in response to Democratic blandishments, Bush-fatigue and an increasingly vocal youth generation that finds its church unduly pushy on issues like homosexuality”

And, number 10, a deliberate (to my mind) to present religion as ultimately absurd:
10. Extraterrestrials May Already be Saved

From within the context of a partifular faith, however, I think what constitutes an important religious story this year would be radically different. I might try to come up with a list of my own. Feel free to contribute.

That time of Year

December 12, 2008

I always forget that Christmas season proper doesn’t actually start until Christmas day. This year, though, our church has been emphasizing Advent as a “season” similar to Lent. At home, since we’ve begun to indulge it as such it has become far more interesting, especially as I’ve never really done it in the past. We’re enjoying it, and it definitely adds to the anticipation of Christmas Day.

Kimbo Slice?

December 11, 2008

Internet star. Kimbo Slice = Primo Carnera. I’ve noticed that the few MMA fights I’ve seen have been decided by standard boxing techniques. Kimbo has the hype, but I think it’s undeserverd. He doesn’t have either the Sweet or the Science that Manny Pacquiao (or others) have in boxing.

The Result

December 7, 2008

I can’t really crystallize my thoughts on this one right now, but Manny Pacquiao is amazing. Beautiful. Technical. Intelligent. Brutal. Focused. The commentators were referring to Pacquaio as the “Henry Armstrong of this era.” It was truly an incredible thing to see.

Weigh In and Odds

December 6, 2008

For the fight tonight between Oscar De la Hoya and Manny Pacquiao.


Pacquaio weighed in at 142. This is good, because he can retain some of his speed and power that may not have translated well at the much higher weight.


De La Hoya weighed in at 145, which may not be good. DLH hasn’t weighed this little since 2000, and suggests he may have overtrained.
However, he’ll gain back 5 – 10 pounds today, so the weight differential may be only 10 pounds come fight time.

At this writing, the book is:

De La Hoya: -165
Pacquaio: +135

Hey Vanessa (De La Hoya update)

December 3, 2008

Big Fight coming up this weekend, which will get a little less treatment from me than the Roy Jones, Jr fight a few weeks ago. This is Oscar vs. Manny Pacquiao. Should be good, and I’ll post highlights from it when it’s over, because there will be highlights. I’ll give my take on the fight when I’m not at work, with some pictures, but the upshot is that Manny Pacquiao is giving up 4 inches in height and 7 inches in reach to De La Hoya, and they’re fighting at 147 lbs, which is the weight Oscar began his career at. Manny started his career at 108 lbs. However, (sorry Vanessa) I’m picking Pacquiao to win. If you haven’t seen him, which is probably the case, he’s an amazing thing to watch. My dad and I watched him fight back in July, and the comment I remember most from my dad was “Can he actually do that for 12 rounds?”


Musical Interlude – SRV

December 3, 2008

Mom asked, while we were in the IOP, who is my favorite musician. Without question, Stevie Ray Vaughan. So a little musical interlude, from a bootleg Tommy gave me years ago, which I think sums up SRV’s musical aesthetic:

“I use heavy strings, tune low, play hard and floor it. Floor it. That’s technical talk.”

So from the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, “Love Struck Baby,” by Stevie Ray Vaughan.