Musical Interlude – SRV

Mom asked, while we were in the IOP, who is my favorite musician. Without question, Stevie Ray Vaughan. So a little musical interlude, from a bootleg Tommy gave me years ago, which I think sums up SRV’s musical aesthetic:

“I use heavy strings, tune low, play hard and floor it. Floor it. That’s technical talk.”

So from the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, “Love Struck Baby,” by Stevie Ray Vaughan.


2 Responses to “Musical Interlude – SRV”

  1. Toe Says:

    badass. i too favor thick strings. don’t do the hendrix/nirvana/srv tune-down thing though…unless playing along with them on the stereo (which is super fun, btw. there are 4-5 Alice in Chains songs too)

  2. Toe Says:

    Yes, “Here Comes the Rooster” is one of them.

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