Time Magazine Religion Stories

Time Magazine recently released its top ten religion stories of 2008. Obviously, the list looks at religion from a less than neutral standpoint, giving each story importance by virtue of having some inverse relationship to the general political or social zeitgeist. A couple quotes:

“Indeed, there seemed to be such parity in piety between the two major parties that faith may have been cancelled out as a factor.”

“Benedict’s rue was far more than a gesture, but less than a promise — the Vatican has done little since to address the systemic abuses of authority that allowed the sex scandals to occur. And now, retired Cardinal Law runs a Roman basilica.”

“Meanwhile, U.S. conservatives continued to defect from the Episcopal Church.”

“The poll suggests great national piety coupled with remarkable disdain for the multi-generational doctrinal and ethnic ties that used to define American religion.”

“But this year others took up their prophetic calls in response to Democratic blandishments, Bush-fatigue and an increasingly vocal youth generation that finds its church unduly pushy on issues like homosexuality”

And, number 10, a deliberate (to my mind) to present religion as ultimately absurd:
10. Extraterrestrials May Already be Saved

From within the context of a partifular faith, however, I think what constitutes an important religious story this year would be radically different. I might try to come up with a list of my own. Feel free to contribute.


One Response to “Time Magazine Religion Stories”

  1. Toe Says:

    Skimmed the headlines. Good stuff. Waiting to see your list. We love lists! There’s a grease spot on our stove in the shape of the Madonna, be sure to include that.

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