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It’s Finally Over

January 7, 2009

Well, thank god 2008 is finally over. While the first half of the year is kind of a blur, around July 11th everything went to shit for about 4 months. I’m certain that there is lingering resentment and bad feelings floating around about how some of it played out, but we’re all trying to move ahead and put some of the pieces back together. Some of the upside is that Lennon is pretty much convinced that an unnamed influence is really something of a dick when you get right down to it (which also has an unfortunate downside that we’re still dealing with); I was able to effectively manage with all the regulatory issues while still turning a 33% increase in cash flow for the company last year, which secured both my job and a particularly nice (in a materialistic way) Christmas for the kids; said cash flow also secured a couple opportunities to expand my growing empire into New Mexico and Kansas this year, as soon as the deals are completed.

So for the coming year, we are planning a couple of vacations. One is a working vacation in New York City the week of April 22, for an American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence conference, which is almost a week long. We were going to go the the American Society for Addiction Medicine conference in New Orleans that same week, which coincided with the Jazz Festival, but decided on New York instead. Another vacation will be in the summer, and i’m not sure where. I’d like to take the kids to Atlantis, but I’m not sure how Thompson will hold up on the travel. When we went a few years ago, I thought i was going to shoot somebody by the time we finally got to the hotel.

In any event, Happy New Year everybody.