A Dreary Day

The story tells it all, and the audio of the 911 call is very difficult to listen to. The woman on the phone, Nikki, is one of our counselors at the clinic in Tulsa. A wonderful person and humble to a fault. She deserved better than this. She has not been revived since the initial rescue, and it was necessary to restore breathing and pulse at the time. As of this evening, she isn’t doing well: still in a coma, and has developed decorticate posture.

The morning of the fire, she didn’t show up for work, so one of our nurses called to check up on her. The apartment manager told her what happened, but at the time nobody knew Nikki’s name (we open at 5am, less than an hour after all this happened). She had been taken to the hospital as “Jane Doe” because, of course, all of her ID and everything were burned up in the fire. Our nurse and a social worker with the facility went to the hospital and gave the information and they were able to notify the family.

Dreary days…everyone is taking this very hard.


One Response to “A Dreary Day”

  1. pelee Says:

    God, that’s horrible to listen to. How terrible it must be to have it be someone you know.

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