More birthdays!!

Lennon had his birthday on Wednesday. His big present inadvertently was a retainer that is going to stretch his palatte (is that spelled right??). He got spacers last week, and the retainer this week, and in a couple more weeks will be getting braces. Yahooooooo

More traditionally, he got a MarioKart from Mom and Dad, which is great. Here is a picture describing the enjoyment he derives from watching Gabrielle totally hijack his present.


He also got a new cell phone and related accessories.


One Response to “More birthdays!!”

  1. pelee Says:

    Ah, the braces. Good times. D got his off last summer and is going through the year of retainer wear now. He has about 5 more months until he gets to have regular teeth 24/7 again.

    It’s funny to me that the orthodontists all talk as if everyone’s going to modify their teeth without question. It’s weird to see teenagers all with perfect teeth, too. Not only straight, but no cavities. I sure wish sealants had been de rigeur when we were growing up.

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