Because you asked, Tommy…

A brief update on Nikki, the counselor. Most of the staff have gone to OKC to see her. Ann, Larry, and Kelley (all of whom you see in the video) went to see her last weekend, and she was able to focus her eyes on them, and even teared up a little while they were there. However, she was essentially immobile and couldn’t talk. At the time, there was no prognosis. Unfortunately, she has not gotten any better, and it seems she has gotten worse. Her family agreed to have her taken off the respirator last week and, accompanied by some sad assumptions, made funeral plans for Wednesday. However, she continues to breath on her own, enough so that the doctors are going to do the surgery on her feet, which were badly burned in the fire.

I’m now faced with a very difficult situation, which is how long to carry her as an employee so that she continues to be insured. Without question, her family is unable to cover the COBRA, despite the new changes under the stimulus plan. Of course, I know what I have to do, but it’s not going to be easy….


One Response to “Because you asked, Tommy…”

  1. Bev Says:

    Must have been heartbreaking for you all-so sorry !!

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