In Case You Missed It….

…which is a virtual certainty, Roy Jones Jr., fought as the main event this past weekend on a card which also included a handful of MMA fights. It was actually a very good show, and RJ had a good showing, albeit against a handpicked opponent. After the last fight with Joe Calzaghe, there’s very little chance he will ever make waves in the super-middleweight or light heavyweight divisions again, but he’s still my favorite and I can’t help enjoying his fights. roy-jones

The result was a 5th round TKO (his first knockout since 2002), and a capture of the NABO belt. Not bad for “Old Bones Jones.”

Tommy’s Two Words (squared):
May 2nd will see the return of Manny Pacquiao, who continues to do what almost no other fighter in any division will do, which is fight only the top ranked fighters within a reasonable weight class. This time, it’s Ricky Hatton. I’ll provide the background on this one, and my pick (which will be Pacquiao), prior to the fight. The upshot is, though, that when Pacquiao wins this one, he will be set up to fight the un-retiring Floyd Mayweather, which will be, without question, the biggest fight of the decade. I’m already looking forward to that one.


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