Another Great Fight

Couple of updates on the fights, both this weekend and last weekend. Last weekend saw Allan “Ghost Dog” Green demolish Carlos DeLeon, Jr in two rounds on Showtime. Keep an eye on him, as he’s a Tulsa native. I used to have a picture of him and Lennon together after a fight in Miami, OK, but it was on my cell phone and I can’t find the picture anymore. Still have the autograph though…seen him a couple of times out here. We also got a chance to shake hands and exchange Christmas greetings in the Woodland Hills mall a few months ago. Also in local boxing news, Michael Woods finally picked up on a prospect out here: The Comanche Boy, George Tahdooahnippah (pronounced Tadernapper).

This weekend, Manny Pacquiao continues to do what only he seems to be able to do, which is take on the best fighters in and around his weight class. He’s fighting Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton, from Manchester, England. THis is going to be a great fight, but I’m calling Pacquiao again for this one. Right now the book on Pacquiao is -295, and +250 for Hatton. The weigh in is today, so it might change a little bit, but there’s no doubt that Pacman is the betting favorite. Pacquiao is also number 80 on Time Magazine’s Most Influential People list. He’s on his way to being a true superstar. Always worth watching, as he is something to see in the ring.


One Response to “Another Great Fight”

  1. toe Says:

    A six-minute beatdown. Did not get the PPV, but it sounded like Hatton spent more time on his back than standing in the ring. Bring on Money May

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