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Lennon Update

June 8, 2008

Well, the boy is back in North Carolina, with his dad. He’ll be back around July 18th, when we’re all headed to Pascagoola, Arkansas for the Adams family reunion and the first football practice of the season. We got his final grades from school, which are follows:
Religion: A-
Language Arts: A
Math: B
Science: A
Social Studies: A
Spelling: A-
PhysEd: A+
Computer Science: A
Art: A+

Not bad. A scholar athlete.


Lennon’s Testing Scores

May 17, 2008

We got Lennon’s test scores for the Iowa Basic Skills test back, as well as the CogATs. Here’s the rundown in Grade Level (GE) and Percentile Rank (PR) on the Skills Test: (I’m trying to learn HTML tables, so that will make reading this easier)

GE: 11.1
NPR: 94%
GE: 12.8
NPR: 91%
GE: 13+
NPR: 99%
These are the core subjects: His Core Subject Total was GE: 13+ and NPR 98.
Social Studies:
GE: 13+
NPR: 98%
GE: 13+
NPR: 98%
Sources of Information:
GE: 13+
NPR: 97%
The Composite Total:
GE: 13+
NPR: 99%

ON the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test):
Verbal: NPR: 88%
Quantitative: 99%
NonVerbal: 97%

We’re expecting that after football season starts, these will probably go down some. 🙂

Taking the field

May 10, 2008